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This is a suggestion and a question. Is there a way (process or aftermarket app) to better and more easily maintain permissions. As it stands its ungainly to add/change/view permissions when there are more than a couple membership levels.

I would think the ideal would be more of a spreadsheet layout with checkboxes for the enable/disable and then the specific edit actions (number of times allowed daily, etc) as simple text boxes.

Conversely is there a way to more easily change these things on the backend thru phpMyAdmin or something?

Thanks in advance for others guidance and experience on this

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y93spquxpsyythj3gzb2pwb9sxcz3utr.pngCurious how to set up drop down menus similar to what una.io has in top navigation bar. We are using Decorous template but like how links are consolidated into groups like

"community" for easier and cleaner navigation.

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    Does anyone know or has anyone used Cloudflare's Stream plan to host the media content of their UNA sites. The monthly rate is excellent for how much content and, as a service, we prefer Cloudflare to AWS or other options.

    Curious if anyone has used it or any issues (if known) with this as a the remote content source.


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    We are running a dedicated server from TMD hosting. For some reason the cron job doesn't seem to be working to convert videos. We've had TMD tech confirm everything is set properly on the server side with FFMPEG so I'm assuming the cron isn't triggered. Can someone please confirm the cron script that should be added for video conversion. Thanks.

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      • Hello @Everquin, LLC !

        May you plz check if the option "Remote video transcoding (requires special setup)" (Studio->Developer app) is enabled now? If yes, then try to disable it. If it will not help, then plz provide me your UNA studio and CPanel access via Messenger.

        • The issues were resolved. In case anyone else is having similar challenges maybe this information will help.

          Thank you for your patience up until now.
          We are glad to inform you that we have successfully managed to resolve the experienced issue.
          It appeared that the issue was caused due to the following two reasons:
          there were disabled functions of the PHP 7.4 version causing the cron job to not load properly
          the Imagick PHP extension was not installed for PHP 7.4.
          We have adjusted the settings as well as installed the Imagick PHP extension and can confirm that the videos are now being properly processed and converted. We have uploaded a test video that you can check when logging into your account to verify.
          Please, do not hesitate to update us if we can be of any further assistance.
          Best Regards,
          Peter Hensley
          Technical Support Team
          • Thnx! I guess it would be very useful example in similar cases.

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