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I like the new look, professional and clean design! Overall, it's heading in the right direction... Thanks @Andrey Yasko and UNA TEAM! :-)

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@LeonidS @Alex T⚜️

I have the Streams subscription. When i click on Self-serve Portal, i get this pop-up window showing something is loading but it never does.

  1. What is the self-serve for?
  2. What options do i have to test the Streams module? I tried setting my own OME server but didn't have any luck making it work. Is UNA now offering a plan for Video Streaming?



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Lets begin the fun... :)


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Just installed UNA 13-A2 and have all the licenses in place, and i can link/connect to the Apps Market no problem, but when i click download, i get the package isn't compatible message. This is doing it for all apps, even with the v13s. Am i missing anything on my setup or are these market apps temporary disable for download on the Alpha?

I could manually download/install the apps but it is a lot easier to just do it automatically from Studio. :-)


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Would be nice if a pop-up window/message is displayed to the profile owner every time an achievement is gained, (example: going from Grand Master to Deity).


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