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I have a two-part issue, I needed to update my cc card and for some reason, it did not save the CVC security code on the new one and was blocked by fraud detection for pin error by my bank. It reverted to the old card while I was out of town over the weekend and it was canceled it would not let me renew it so I started a new subscription today. Now neither is connected to the site, the pro apps are still there but the mail and some other things stopped working.

Now I do not have any of my purchases showing up in the app store but everything that I had downloaded still shows up in the downloads.

How can I get the new Do it yourself license to connect to the site? https://InterQ.ME


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I am having trouble setting the domain name on the UNA cloud server, no matter what I enter I get the same errors, in addition, I get a 500 error when clicking the ad server and when I try to export the site I get a pop up the should have a download link but it does not.

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