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A collection of my freelance photography images

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I am looking for a way to totally automate the paying of member commissions on my UNA website. I see in the Studio on the Payments page there is a listing of "PayPal API" in the numerous choices. Does this mean that the PayPal API is built-in, integrated and ready to use will the flip of the switch?

If it is truly already there, can that API perform commission payouts with the Mass Payments function?

Any and all help with this matter is greatly appreciated.

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Does anyone here have a working UNA site that is stable, populated with members and earning a nice revenue?

I had a Dolphin site, now I am fully into UNA. But I would like to know and see if anyone is running a site that works 98% of the time and is making money.

My site is not a hobby or for fun. I want to get my site populated and earning money. And I want it earning enough money that I don't have to work doing anything else. But it would be nice to know a few success stories. I pay monthly to keep my site up and running. I pay for mods and I pay for the occasional custom tuning (Thank you @AQB Soft). I don't want it to be all for nothing. Yes, I know that every site is different, every niche is different, every area of marketing is different and every owner/admin is different, but it would be nice to know that someone has made it.

Someone? Anyone?

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Hello! Where in the Studio can I add, remove or rearraign the menu items that appear when you click on your username in the upper right? Please and thank you!

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