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best of the mobile app experience is being able to zoom in and zoom out for specific text , image and almost Complete UI

I don’t see that happening either on UNA.iO app which I am right now typing this text from. I cannot zoom in/out at all on iPhone !!

Am I missing something here ? Why cannot I zoom in/out ?

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My current membership level (contributor) limits everything in this site. Pls upgrade privileges

Opening the una app is taking lot of time , that's main reason for not opening although I am interested in this app

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Facebook kept app back to development mode.

Since, it is asking to add user data deletion url in its basic app settings. 

So, please let me know about this. 

Also, for dolphin websites.

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Is it possible to integrate next.js based applications with una?

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This feature is good- follow favorite Tags.

In  this, user will search keyword. Then follow that Tag.

See image

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