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I thought I'd make an UNA group for Norway 🇧🇻🇧🇻.
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Everything was going great last night when I worked on my site, and suddenly (03:01) it jumped back to "under maintenance" again.The error log says this:What to do?
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Whenever I have had issues with Una (mostly issues due to my lack of programming/developing knowledge), LenoidS has sent me PMs offering to solve the issues I`ve had.Always helpful, boosting with knowledge and all over a fantastic representative of the brilliant, unique and exeptionally innovative UNA platform. Thank you for being here <3.Let`s make this a positive thread about how fantastic these guys and their platform are. No shit talking, only genuine positive comments :-D.
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Can anyone help me please?I don`t think I fu*ked up in any way here, but the "+" sign next to profile name in top right corner stopped working all of a sudden. I have not been messing around in the files in any way. All I did was doing some string translations from english to norwegian.Would appreciate all help 💓
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