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I tried i installing una script via Softaculous but it's showing ""The installation package could not be found!""

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I tried upgrading my site now its showing error 500.

How can i rectify this

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How can I set roles for different members of the organization. I have few members. I want to give them separate roles. But I don't get where to allocate the roles

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Reposted Jerome Mingo's product.

This App provides an Online TV portal on the site where members will be able to watch TV channels all day. This will give members another good reason to stay on the site.

TV Channels are grouped by Category, Language, and Country and on the main page it is possible to drill down by each of those.

Members can React and Comment on Channels.

Members can Share interesting Channels on social media.

Members can create Favorite lists of Channels.

Members can report broken channels for removal by Administrators.

It is possible to disable batches of Channels by Category, Language, or Country.

The App comes with over 20,000 IPTV stations. There is the possibility to add new ones. 

You can also check out the Radio Station and Video Portal modules.


You can view my full list of modules at

video TV #modzzz

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Can Una run on a shared hosting?. If yes, are there modules that cannot run on shared hosting when installed

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