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Photos Pro Module UNA 13Photos Pro Module is based on the UNA Photos Module, with enhanced functionality, added extra features, new page blocks and studio pages for administration, privacy control for profile photos, access requests and management, personal notifications (access requests and request status) comprehensive photos admin management system and extra settings for customization.Photos Pro FeaturesAdditional photo privacy settings & photo access managementProfile photos asynchronous page block on view persons pageAccess requests and personal notifications for private photosStudio pages for photos administration & access managementDisplay options for private photos, blur filter and overlay imageAdditional photo privacy settings & photo access managementAdmin or moderator approval system for verification of photosUpload photos quickly to any profile from administration gridsComprehensive photos and profile admin management systemunamodules.comLive Demo Websiteadmin@unamodules.compasswordhCe65WJwtester@unamodules.compassword: 3KYxUXHTUpcoming ReleasesOngoing development work currently in progress, new upgraded version of Photos Pro with added feature is planned for release during end of December.
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Messages Pro Module UNA 13Messages Pro module is based on the UNA messenger with enhanced feature and extra functionality, new fully customizable pages and blocks, admin management grids & tools, added menus and studio pages, moderator controls for profiles and messages, native browser push notifications and Slack web-hook notifications, message management system for admin & moderators with lots of extra functions, additional options & settings.Messages Pro Features Complete management system for all messages & conversations Studio pages for admin persons and moderation of all messages  Customizable management dashboard, menus, pages and block Options for premium users, credits & monetization of messages Personal push notifications via Slack web-hooks and via browser Added features, pages and functionality for moderation / admin Multi level management for admin messages and conversations  Additional options, settings and menus for all messenger pagesLive Demo Websiteuna13.unamodules.comLogin for preview & testingadmin@unamodules.compasswordhCe65WJwtester@unamodules.compassword: 3KYxUXHTUpcoming ReleasesWe are currently working on further development of Messages Pro module and upcoming feature versions are planned for release in the near future...
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Langauge Translation UNA 12Polish language translation for UNA 12 including SysApps, CoreApps and PowerApps Simply one click install app to add Polish language translation from UNA apps market.This Polish language app will be regularly updated for every new UNA version release.SysApps, CoreApps, PowerApps, including language files & translations for UNA apps:AccountsAdsAlbumsAnalyticsAnonymous FollowAntispamApiAttendantChannelsChartsClassesContactsConversationsCoursesCreditsDashboardData FoxDecorousDesignerDeveloperDolphin ConnectDolphin MigrationsDrupal ConnectElasticSearchEnglishEventsFacebook ConnectFeedbackFilesFont Awesome ProFormsForumFroalaGlossaryGoogle ConnectGoogle Tag ManagerGroupsIntercomInvitesLinkedin ConnectLucid TemplateMailchimpMapshowMarketMassmailerMessengerNavigationNew CommentsNexusNotificationsOauth 2 ServerOcean TemplateOrganizationsPagesPaid LevelsPaymentsPermissionsPersonsPhotosPlyrPollsPolyglotPostsProfilerProtean TemplateQuote Of DayRemindersReviewsRocketChatRussianSettingsShopifySMTP MailerSnipcartSocial Engine MigrationSpacesStorageStripe ConnectTasksTimelineTwitter ConnectUNA ConnectUNA Core & SystemVideosWikiThis module is now FREE to download and use, friend request is required for download.
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