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Greetings Everyone - My site has been having some heavy traffic recently, but now I am getting a message "currently unable to handle this request." First thing that comes to mind is to clear cache but I can't access my una/studio either.. Please note, I have full root access to my server where my site resides, but I am not sure what folders to clear & how to fix this issue.. I also have full access to WHM, I was wondering if there is anything I can do from WHM too..Any input is much appreciated.. Thanks.
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I have few users complaining about their IPs and their Emails are being public. When they login they can see other members' IPs and emails & others can see theirs too..Can someone shed some lights how this info can be hidden from everyone ? Thx.
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Please see attached screenshot.. I created a new PUBLIC Channel, but when I login as a regular user, I don't see the Channel. Please note, when I created a PRIVATE channel, I had to invite users to my private channel, I was wondering if I also need to invite users to my PUBLIC channel too ?  I am assuming a Public Channel is Public, everyone should see it without the need to send them an invite..  Could someone shed some lights please..  Thanks. 
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I am trying to reset a user password from Admin NOT from Acct which enables me to RESEDND RESET PASSWORD, but rather change it right from Admin - is this doable ?  Thanks.
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I was wondering if anyone has this issue, everytime I embed a youtube Video in Posts or Discussion it gets right justified and I can't figure out how to display it on the center..Here is a sample of my Post:  Click here to visit my Post  -  As you can see, the picture on top is fine, but the Video below it is all the way to the right, users can't even see the PLAY button.. Could some help please.. Thx !
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