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Small mistakes in design. It needs to be corrected.

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      • UNA Market has payment gateways and fulfilment built in, specifically for electronic goods and services but we are updating with extended capabilities for fulfilment / delivery of hard goods very soon. This is more like a Shopify, EBay Snipcart functionality. 

        Facebook Market does not do this, it merely provides a services for listing, categorising and searching for products, a traditional classified listing - buyers and sellers are then left to negotiate terms and fulfilment on their own - UNA Ads Module is built upon this specification. 

        • Mark P Snipcart takes 2% of each transaction and if it is necessary to add the% for the use of a payment platform like paypal or stripe. is it possible to create a clean module for una which works like snipcart

        • good idea!

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          Bugs in UNA 11 after the update.

          1. After updating to the latest version of the UNA, an icon appeared in the groups (see 1). There is no corresponding field for image loading when creating or editing a group. How can I remove this icon in groups?

          Or how to fix it?

          2. There is no trimming of long names in the cards (see. 2)

          How to fix it?

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          What does PROMOTED mean? And what are her real actions?

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            Reposted Andrey Yasko's discussion.

            Here is some magic straight from ... 

            Watch carefully and consider the potential.  😁

            Hint: it's bigger than any other feature we have ever added 🤓

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