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Often there is a need to publish posts retroactively. But in the feed, posts are displayed by the date they were added and do not react in any way to a forced date change. Am I doing something wrong?

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Hello everyone!

My site is in Russian. In Polyglot, Russian is selected as the main language. But the dates and location in the events are displayed in English (everything is ok in the calendar). How to fix it?




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Hi everyone!

I want to customize email templates. For example, the letter about registering new accounts contains little information. I have added custom fields and want the selected values to be displayed in the email.

As far as I understand, this is done using macro values. For example, {site_name}, {email_header} & etc. Where can I find a list of all the macros, or how can I create and use my own macros in email templates? For example, {job_titile}, {personal_status} or {field_of_activity}.

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Can't view photos from albums. Although the photos for the events are opening.

Event is OK


Album not OK (I waited a very long time. Are not loaded)


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Hello everyone. Unable to upload any image. Photos are not loaded in publications, in events. I can't replace the logo.

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