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Check out the new URLs mapping here on UNA.IO - specifically for user profiles, posts, discussions, event and groups. Short and friendly URLs FTW!

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      The Discussions module is getting a significant UI overhaul in this update - with new browsing interface, new cards, new editor, filters, display of cover images in grid browsing, icons for categories and more. Most importantly, we are taking particular care to get the little details right - positioning of elements when scaled to different viewports, behaviour when various combinations of meta items in cards are enabled, design in light and dark modes... every detail is considered.

      Discussions is the most commonly used content module and a great "sample" app to test the new look and feel. Once we get it 100% right we can move on to all the others.

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        Testing 13B1 here on UNA.IO now. UNA 13 getting much better and will be very stable by the time we release.

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          • @Claudio Acosta @OneEagle @Tajrebatee we're really hope to make stable very approximately within 2 months, however it could take longer

            • Thanks  @Alex T⚜️ I understand. I know you guyz are working hard to release a great product. We support your work and love UNA. 'If you can' please try to speed up this process. Many of us put their projects on hold waiting for this new version which has several bug fixes and feature enhancements. Thanks for standing behind UNA and making it even greater. Big-up for the good work ;)

              • Feedback on testing 13B1 on our own platform following,


                Give back to the viewer the choice of what content to display in the timeline (Feed), please !


                Create a setting button in version 13B1 by UNA, including

                1. Viewers can choose the default category of the display content ;

                2. Administrators on their own Studio can customize or add category of the display content ;

                3. Design a 3 vertical dot icon (Toggle the display of a contextual menu using CSS by UNA teams?)


                Viewers with consistent value system and interests are more active in sharing more content under the same category of the social timeline (Feed) !

                Regards !

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                We are inching closer and closer. UNA 13 will be a great leap ahead, and UNA 14 will follow shortly after. Once we have the first Beta (next week with any luck) we will start regular video updates once again.

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