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Hello I am looking for a developer who can help. Me get my social. Media back up... Please let me. Know if your able. To. Assist with this effort
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Testing v2 of the iOS app for UNA for v13 - finally fast and smooth. Very excited!
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Changed around the layout and navigation for authenticated users here at UNA.IO. What do you think?
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Check out the new URLs mapping here on UNA.IO - specifically for user profiles, posts, discussions, event and groups. Short and friendly URLs FTW!
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Videos discussing common questions and challenges that we face, and how we make decisions based on a simple principle - keeping it real.  What looks good "on-paper" may not be the same as what works best in real-life situations. Through our experience of building social networking software for over 17 years, we've learned a lot about "the big questions". In this series, I talk about these in details, in a causal manner, while driving around and doing daily chores. Keeping it real.  #keepitreal
This album is for short videos or fill-in images used as examples elsewhere. 
Various #tutorials, mostly #video, all for UNA. 
Sharing everything we do, plan and think. In a not-too-formal way. 
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