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I think UNA is Dumping
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Hi, i just installed UNA on my VPS and getting this error PHP Fail and Web server Undefined. Moreover when i did server audit. I got this error details. disable_functions = exec,passthru,shell_exec,system - FAIL (must be without shell_exec,eval,assert,phpinfo,getenv,ini_set,mail,fsockopen,chmod,parse_ini_file,readfile,escapeshellcmd,fput,popen)AND i have attached image of my PHP INI file editor.And this one as well Web-server: Apacherewrite_module - UNDEFINED
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when we open a notification received in notification panel on our mobile, that specific notification doesn't gets open, rather it opens the homepage of web app.
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/studio/store.php?page=downloadedThis page gives HTTP ERROR 500 after i upgraded to V11studio/store.php only as well gives same error. Rest all ok 
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How can we resize the Blocks columns on pages? i.e taking the homepage, if I want to make it three columns page i,e of Facebook or any other social platforms, making the middle column much wider and the right one and left one a bit smaller... where can we set or change their sizes?
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