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It cannot be used for long sentences unless the menu bar is fixed like the demo on the official website.

Ideally, it would be great if full-screen input could be done like Froala.gjx9qi5qkxrxr49vqfcyxsn375u5v7f3.gif

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Settings before 1970 cannot be made regardless of the Min Value setting


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When you add a hashtag, a channel is created, but only what you wrote when you created it will be displayed on that channel, and even if you add the same hashtag later, it will not be reflected on the channel.

The figure below is the image I tried with "".

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Reposted Alex T⚜️'s event.

We'll show module which will be included in and some prevew of new design

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Even if all notifications are turned off, notifications will come.

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Hello, I want to tell you there is a place I do not know.
I am using nginx for the server, but I am struggling with setting proxy_cache. Could you tell me how to set it up?
Also, if you enable caching, videos will not play in Safari.
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