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Greetings to all the UNA family! With TMD Hosting and a dedicated server, I get frequent and frustrating sql I/O write errors to tmp files. I am allowed 4 gigs of RAM, they say.

The issue persists when even a few users are logged in to the site. Once logged in, every page access generates a new sql, notifications-based, i/o error.

Is there a setting or a strategy whereby I can reduce RAM loads? On the Timeline, the number of entries can be reduced, I am aware. I also reduced the number of notification categories. Is there perhaps a rewrite or cache setting I'm overlooking?

When I turned off the Notifications module - the errors stop. Also, if not logged in - again, no sql errors are generated by the Notification Module. Like this one , for example:

(SELECT DISTINCT `bx_notifications_events`.* FROM `bx_notifications_events` LEFT JOIN `bx_notifications_handlers` ON `bx_notifications_events`.`type`=`bx_notifications_handlers`.`alert_unit` AND ((ISNULL(`bx_notifications_settings2users`.`active`) AND .........` bx_notifications_settings2users`.`active`='1')) ORDER BY `bx_notifications_events`.`date` DESC, `bx_notifications_events`.`id` DESC LIMIT 0, 6) ORDER BY `date` DESC, `id` DESC LIMIT 0, 6

Mysql error: Can't create/write to file '/tmp/#sql_482_1.MAD' (Errcode: 5 "Input/output error")

Also, this looks amiss: deflate_module - UNDEFINED -AND- expires_module - UNDEFINED

Much thanks for your consideration!

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This is surely a false positive. But it is very bad advertising for your site. People will run away and never return.

I use a mac but the windows database of malicious strings at Bitdefender would be similar, no doubt. Definitely, javascript based malware is on the rise. As are attacks against macs. Once thought to be immune.

"An infected file attempted to run on your device.

Threat name: JS:Trojan.Cryxos.9850

Path: /Users/da/Library/Containers/ 16/Records/DB80285802190D06E65F8029DC01D2310F54DD5B/Resource/09BB004296446B5709F586B466E7490F44C12C98-blob=>(INFECTED_JS)

We deleted the file to prevent malicious commands from being executed on your device."

Since the anti-virus program deletes the file, one cannot examine it. I think the JS designations here means javascript. Every single page of my own sites generate this warning. I think it comes from a js header file in the Template folder of UNA.

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From the UNA Wiki, we see: Requirements

  • PHP 5.6 (5.5.10 before 10.0.0-B1, 5.5.0 before 9.0.0-RC7)

This looks outdated. What is the best PHP version for UNA 12.1?

Thank you

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"Cannot save: wrong file extension"

I was under the impression that small, self-adjusting svg files were the future for images such as logo's. I know they are used elsewhere in UNA.

Are there any plans to change this?

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Please include a setting to prohibit non-members from downloading files - such as PDFs, etc. There is no setting for this in the Permissions module which is where you would expect to find it.

Under the user LEVEL categories, there are indeed settings for UPLOADS - but not downloads.

I am trying to encourage users to become members - not merely hit and run downloaders. It's ok that they read the large pdf files but I do not want them downloaded indiscriminately.

In the meantime, how can I have the Download button appear for logged in members only? Or for the Download button to appear for all users but to produce an alert which says: "You must be logged in to download files." Can this be adjusted in the theme's custom file?

Thank you.

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