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Site owner is unable to log in! Is there a way to whitelist an IP for allowing user login? Or how to bust through ISP network cache with cache buster code?

When he tries to login, it sends him back the the home screen for unregistered visitors instead of home screen for logged in users. He has cleared his browser cache, even tried from a new computer and a computer reset to factory status. Nothing works.

His IP doesn't seem to matter but he recently got a dedicated IP anyway, just to try it. Same problem. Somehow he is either blacklisted, or is ISP is caching the visitor home page and showing that instead of the logged in user page. ISP is Comcast. Same problem with AT&T. I know Comcast has edge cache layer in their network architecture. Could that be it?

I would suspect caching at AWS, UNA level, or NGINX on server, but as project manager, I can log in and out of site owner account or any verified account all day long.

Does anybody know how to whitelist an IP to allow login? Or if if T-Mobile or Fios Wireless 5G uses edge caching?

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Tried to respond to your post in messenger but it would not allow the post. The answer to your question is Yes. It's purpose is to allow a parallel non censored community hub from which on can share their posts to major social media sites with out the concern of being canceled, blacklisted, shadow banned etc. because of their opinions. The major requirement more on how you say something than what you say. Respectful language as mature civil adults.

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Using UNA. Can do Video Calls with Jitsi. But how do I Schedule Video Meetings for Some Time in the Future and Invite Those Who are Not Members of our site?

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In Studio, Clicking Marketplace, then Clicking anything to do with storefront, like storefront, featured, latest, popular, and etc to download apps to our account, produces error:


If on the error page I click apps on left site menu, I get apps, and can download to my computer, but that does not put an app into my account.

How do I get to the storefront where I can add apps to downloaded folder?

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How can I remove themes like ocean or decorous from design menu

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If I generate Google ReCAPTCHA Enterprise code can I use injection block on home page to implement it? Or does it have to be on every relevant page like login page. There seem to be 3 login pages so I don't know where to put this code. Google says it is implemented sitewide with one call. Has anybody else implemented ReCAPTCHA Enterprise? How did you do it?

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I received email saying my self hosted una site had upgraded to v13.0.0-A2.

Now the site is showing 500 error?

I can still get to studio, where some apps work and some apps also throw 500 error.

How can I fix this?

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What is the Difference between Chat module and Messenger module?  Is one more mobile oriented?  In our installation, we have messenger and video call, but when site is loaded on android I only see text messenger. Is there a separate android app for messenger? Or should it be used on a mobile device as a web page? If there is an app, how do we create a branded one to work in concert with our UNA website?

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I activated Contact module but cannot find out how to implement it  Please advise. I want to add a page to the site and a menu item to topmost menu.

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