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If you are looking for your site management, features development, etc. please feel free to pm me or drop a line to

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Is there's Jobs section here on like it was on boonex?

Can't find it. Would be pretty useful.

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Hi All,

Just created some custom fields on profile, set them as Unique but not mandatory, adding new profile - I see these fields, entering nothing in them, submitting the form, getting error 'The field should have unique value'.
Seems like it interpreted existing empty values in database as a value and can't create empty value since it will be the same.
Seems like a bug.

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On the Timeline I have already around 50 comments and when you click "Comment" button, they are all loading at once, which takes about 10..15 seconds with no "spinner" or something to let the user know something is loading. Members are complaining that they can't get into the Comments section. I expect to be getting thousands of comments under one single post. Without pagination it would take hours to load them on since page if ever possible.

How do I paginate them or enable "Load more" button or something to prevent them loading all at once?

Please advice.

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Please be aware that we have a member [name is hidden by me] who buys modules here on the marketplace and then opens a PayPal refund cases without asking for any help or solution first.

It’s highly unacceptable.

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