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Hello Alexey 

Did you add webRTC to the una v12 ? 

So we can record video from desktop pc laptop and mobile from web browsers ? 

Best Regards

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    • You will still have to worry about expired SSL certificates in order for the WebRTC to work. Webcam capture works ONLY over a HTTPS.
      Anyway what do you mean by "streaming webcams. No real server storage."? The original question was "can record video from desktop" - which is a bit different I believe.

      You can uninstall the Videos module, disable all uploaders everywhere, but you will still need some custom module/software to be running in order to make streaming possible. So perhaps the messenger is the best option for your use case. 

      • Yes, in UNA 12 there has been added a support for a webcam capture for recording videos in addition to uploading files. 

        Note that it will allow to record videos/attachments and then upload them. But it is not for streaming videos. 

        • Thank you 

          For the ssl certificat we can use cloudflare it givr you free ssl certificat

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          is there a una module like this website : ?

          there are 3 Users Level :
          2-HelpDesk (in this case Doctor)
          3- Visitor
          the HelpDesk (Doctor) has his profile in mains page with pictures
          Visitor can choose which helpdesk online and initial chat/audio/video

          Andrew Boon 

          Alex T⚜️ 

          Anton L 


          AQB Soft 


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            how to unlink account with una website

            Best Regards

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              when I add a post with video I got this error and the post does not show on the timeline


              Andrew Boon Alex T⚜️ Anton L Alexey LeonidS Mark P 


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                Could you please add a TimeZone to every user (get timezone from his country name)

                Thank you

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                  • Hello bouhlal !

                    I guess it's no necessary because:

                    When time is displayed it is wrapped in <time> HTML5 tag, then it is formatted according to the current settings using JS. As the result current user timezone (which is set in the OS) is used - no need to set timezone in UNA. Since JS is used it updates relative time in real time, so 2 minutes ago changes to 3 minutes ago and so on. The use of <time> tag allows search engines to know the exact date and time. 


                    • thank you Leonids

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