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Has anyone considered IFTTT integration?

This would be very useful for me and others since we're on so many platforms.

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Hi, is the free message feature HIPAA compliant for medical practitioners to use?

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Any updates on AI development with UNA? Are there any specific plans for using LLMs?

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It would be great if we could share posts with IFTTT. Post on instagram and it posts to our selected una site profile. Or una to instagram and other sites through IFTTT. This would greatly reduce the time needed to share to all social networks for marketing. 

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It would be great if there was a way to allow influencers to accept funding from fans and give them access to private group content. Like Patreon. Or perhaps even a revenue sharing service. Payed members view certain content and content creators get profit for views like YouTube Red. 

Providing a fan funding service would greatly motivate influencers to join our websites and get their fans to follow.

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