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There is no upgrade button in the studio dashboard for me to upgrade my software. If I hadn't already purchased the upgrade, I would expect the button to take me to the purchase upgrade screen. Since I already purchased the software, I expect a button to be there to upgrade.

I had set up my site not to automatically update anymore when I lost funding. Recently, there has been renewed interest in my site and I have more funding. I would like to impress them with the new version hopes of getting more funding so I can maintain the site updates year round.

At present, I have completed this change:

change the following line in inc/classes/BxDolInstallerUtils.php file:




I have set the site to force autoupdates in the settings. I don't know how to force it to upgrade.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks so much for your time!

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    • Hello Btasey !

      As we checked together on your admin panel you have some troubles with the keys-secret pairs and Cron Jobs. It needs to fix them first.

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      I'm getting a message "Connection request is awaiting confirmation" whenever I try to accept the friend request from one particular user on my site. This seems to be isolated to only her account. 

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        It's very important that the link in the notification for a new reply to discussions take users to the discussion thread than just show them the new reply. Having to click the link to the discussion after seeing the new reply is an extra step that will kill my site as the people I'm trying to work with will not understand how to find the discussion and the people I'm trying to attract will be used to forums that show the new post in the discussion thread. 

        Can this be fixed?

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          • That would be easy, but like so many things it isn’t simple. 🥴 

            Consider a discussion with, say, 2000 replies. You can’t load them into the same page, so some type of paginate, infinite scroll or partrial preload has to be used. Notification may be about a 654th comment in that thread... so when you link to it inline we’d have to load it along with some of nearest context replies (Parent comment, childs, etc). Simply linking to the post isn’t effective because it’s hard to find the comment in question. 

            So, a separate page for each comment linking to the parent content is the most simple option, in fact used by Twitter and Facebook in many instances. Doing it in a considerably better wat would require something  similar to what’s FB does - launch a mini ReactJS app object for each comment section (and there may be many of them on each page, like in Feeds) that can be manipulated extensively without significant performance burden. Current Ajax comments are not particularly good for this at scale. 

            We thought of this a while ago and the JOT program was in part inspired by this challenge. The new “live comments“ that we are working on will have direct in-page linking.

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            What does it mean when my Conversations notifications a -1? Did someone delete a conversation? Did all participants delete the conversation?

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              • We've seen that when comments in conversations were deleted.  Because the system wasn't showing it had posted a member posted the same comment 15 times.  When they were deleted, members of the conversations notifications went negative.  Someone suggested changing the field to only allow positive integers. 

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                Send generic email notifications to recipients of new/updated conversation messages to alert them to check the site to view the message.

                "You have received a new conversation post from userX on Click here to login and view conversation."

                I am building a new communication resource for existing members of an organization who are happily creating long and cumbersome email chains. Once the email chains are abandoned, no one goes back to see the conversations we had. They're difficult to find there. But, convincing my members to use conversations instead is impossible when they aren't being alerted to check in.

                Also... I need to figure out how to set up the mobile app. That may fix this problem for those members who have smart phones and are willing to download the app.

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                  • There is already email notification when there is new reply in conversation. You can edit email template for this notification to make it to look like you want.

                    • Do they already have to be in conversation with you in order for them to receive an email notification that you responded to the conversation?

                      I've started some conversations with people and they haven't been alerted that they've received a new conversation.

                      • I'm not creating a community. I'm creating a new communication site for an existing offline community. 

                        The point is to make communication easier. Next is to make it secure. If it's not easier, they will continue to be frustrated that they can't just use email.

                        Is it possible to let us choose whether or not new conversations alert members?

                        At present, if I start a new conversation with a member, then I have to send a reply to that conversation to get them to log into the site to see the conversation.

                        We will end up abandoning that module if it cannot be changed. 

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