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Hello there

Currently I can share Events on WhatsApp, but I am missing the WhatsApp button in Discussions; how can I add it?

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When I go to Manage Comments and select any app like 'Forum' for example, I get a 'Database error' email.

Any help to fix this would be appreciated.


SELECT COUNT(*) FROM ``sys_cmts_ids INNER JOIN bx_forum_cmts cmts ON cmts.cmt_id = sys_cmts_ids.cmt_id INNER JOIN sys_profiles ON INNER JOIN sys_accounts ON sys_profiles.account_id= WHERE sys_cmts_ids.system_id = 8

Mysql error:

Incorrect table name ''


The error was found in _getDataSqCounter function in the file /home/pollener/public_html/inc/classes/BxDolGrid.php at line 419.



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HelloI'm trying to add a product (subscription) with a monthly recurring payment and I'm getting the error message below.Any feedback to help me solve this issue would be greatly appreciated.Query:SELECT `bx_market_cmts`.*, `sys_cmts_ids`.`id` AS `cmt_unique_id` FROM `bx_market_cmts` LEFT JOIN `sys_cmts_ids` ON (`bx_market_cmts`.`cmt_id` = `sys_cmts_ids`.`cmt_id` AND `sys_cmts_ids`.`system_id` = :system_id) WHERE `bx_market_cmts`.`cmt_object_id` = :cmt_object_id AND `bx_market_cmts`.`cmt_vparent_id` = :cmt_vparent_id ORDER BY `bx_market_cmts`.`cmt_pinned` DESC, `bx_market_cmts`.`cmt_time` ASC LIMIT 0, 0

Mysql error:Unknown column 'bx_market_cmts.cmt_pinned' in 'order clause'

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Hello everybody:When I want to edit a page from my website in Studio, it's always hard to find the page I'm looking for. For example, now I want to change the order of the menu below on an Organization account page, and I can't find it in Studio>Navigation.The menu is 'Dash, Profile, Settings, Add…, Shopping Cart, Messenger, Sign out, Friends'.Is there a way to easily identify your Website pages in Studio?

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How can I have three monthly pricing plans in one paid level?   Now the problem with Paid Levels is that each Paid Level only accepts one monthly Pricing Plan.Actually, currently there is no way to manage (add or rename) Paid Levels.Please help.

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