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Hi there

I was wondering if I'd be able to achieve this with UNA...

Say I have 4 user groups on the site (if this is even possible) and wanted users to choose which group they'd like to be in at sign up - is this something you can do with Flarum?

I'd like different groups, and then allow them to have access to pages which are part of their group too.

Hope this makes sense.



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I've just installed UNA after some time, and added the keys into the settings. However, when browsing the market via my site, the pro apps have a price beside them when they should be included.

Can anyone advise?


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Is the theme on right now available for the latest stable UNA version? I love it! Would love to see it on my site

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What theme does the UNA site use and how can we replicate the layout exactly? Is there a guide?

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I wanted to create a site for users to discuss the latest and upcoming titles landing on Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, TV etc. I have been browsing solutions for a while for the best software to use but I decided to come back to UNA after reading about version 13.

I've installed the software successfully on my site at - it's a little buggy as expected so I will be asking about that in the forums but i can't wait to get my site working the way I want it to.

I'm excited for the return of YouTube embed. This really helps my site as users can share trailers directly from YouTube into the site.

I want to utilise the discussion plugin as being the main place for conversation on my site.

Stream Notion will be invitation only until a stable version of UNA 13 is released. If you want to help me with adding content to the site and with feature suggestions, please register.

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