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What does "24 MAY UNA 13 Released" mean on the cover of UNA?Will version 13 (stable) be available in May 2023?
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Hi allSince I updated to version 12.1.0 everything loads faster, that's good, however sometimes what can be seen in the attached video happens, the page takes a long time to load.Does the same thing happen to someone else? have you been able to solve?Regards
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Hi allIn the create person form I added a multiple selection field that gets the information from the "Areas de trabajo" data list. In order to do this, I added a column to the bx_persons_data table, I created the field "Areas_de_trabajo" type bigint (20). I honestly don't know why I created the field with that type.The issue is, the selection that a person makes is saved iin DB as a number, for example 33554432 or 195, etc. My question is how does the software (UNA) to translate that number to one or more specific workspaces from the list of "Areas de trabajo" created ?I hope someone can guide me.Thank you.
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Hi UNA teamWhat is the programmer profile that is needed to understand the code of the UNA platform and to develop modules that interact with it? what skills are necessary?Thanks.
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Hello UNA teamI share this in case it helps you.From one moment to another my page stopped working, gave an error: "HTTP ERROR 500".I contacted my hosting (TMD Hosting), they enabled debug to investigate and then this message appeared when entering the web page:"Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 't_family' (T_STRING), expecting ')' in /home/hypatiac/ on line 534Fatal error: Exception thrown without a stack frame in Unknown on line 0 "Finally, they solved the problem by modifying a line of code. Here is the change they made:"We would like to inform you that we have changed the code in the file /home/hypatiac/'bx_protean_menu_page_font_family(t_family)' => 'Arial, sans-serif',to'bx_protean_menu_page_font_family' => 'Arial, sans-serif',"Regards
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