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My install version is 12.1.0 (I'll upgrade to current when I'm finished configuring my site, long story) I've installed Posts, Developer and Persons apps. The site is not intended to be a "normal" community.

I'm going to be running an TV AD campaign with a call to action to sign up on my new website for Sports Videography.

I need a landing page where visitors can input their contact information and location info (address), select from a pick list what type of video they want produced, hard date for when they need it completed by, and possible dates for filming, and if they have any existing game footage. (I'll need a page where they can upload the footage at a later date, and the upload should not convert the video. It needs to stay in it's native format. The video uploaded will not be for display / sharing, but for me to download and edit.)

I've figured out how to create a pick list in the Navigation app.

I've figured out how to create and publish custom pages.

Is this something I can do in the Developer App or do I need to go to the Database and create a new table, then write the code to access that table for insert / update / delete actions?

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I installed the Events module and was going through every page setting the visibility and ran across this. Everything seems to work fine, but thought I would let somebody know.

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Apologies, I'm an old man trying to learn new tricks.

I'm on my 2nd, shared hosting account. Each advertised they support UNA in shared environments. I'm now on day 6 of being down because we're running into a variety of issues. Ffmpeg was the biggest. I can't afford a vps, nor do I have the experience with any type of VPS environments.

For the site I envision, I won't need the UNA app to convert media per sey. So far, the most I'll need is to be able to post photos in either a blog/ post. Any videos will be posted as youtube embeds in blog/post. I was planning on using LivePeer video streaming.

Many Shared hosting plans advertise they support UNA, but when it comes to Ffmpeg, all that I've check say they can't or won't allow it on shared hosting, then I get the up sell routine for a VSP.

So my question is, what Core Apps / System App or free Apps use Ffmpeg?

Do I really need it? Will UNA work without it?

Thanks for your patience.

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