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Upon a user registering for my site, they are redirected to a page with text that says, "get verified"But when entering their phone number according to instruction, it displays fields with error (red text)This issue all goes away once Admin goes to 'Accounts' module and 'confirms' the accounts but I do not want to scare away users in the meanwhile.I would love to be able to 1) retain the phone number entered.2) display a verified confirmation upon the user entering it- not waiting on Admin to 'confirm' account status.I have browsed the modules in hopes of finding the correct setting for this. Phone verification (in the pages module) turned to display> off does not solve this issue.Any suggestions appreciated!Thank you

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UPDATE/ANSWER: I just had to update the Nameserver (DNS) records to point to my host server, duh, silly me!I had "successfully" installed the UNA software (via my TMD Hosting cPanel) with my own GoDaddy domain.The last part of setup, where I go to my domain+ add " /studio " brings back a 404 error. The domain still works fine though. I have no access to admin login anywhere...I know it must be a user error (me) lol because this same issue occurs when trying to do the same with other cPanel script downloads.I can not seem to find troubleshoot info on the steps beyond install when getting to login as admin.

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