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Hello Una Team,

I just installed 13.0.0 B4 as a new install. I am able to download my apps/modules. After that I click on the go to sight button and get the following

screen. When I click on create a profile or any link then I get a file can not be found or an error of 404. I have checked the header.inc.php URL and it appears to be correct. If it was not I would not be able to download my apps from the market. Where else do I need to check to make sure that the file paths are correct so that all my links will work?


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Hello all,

I am looking for a solution on how to fix an error message when trying to add a location. The error is from Google and it states "This page can't load Google Maps Correctly." Do you own this website? 


I have looked around but am unable to find where to fix this issue. It occurs on Events, Organizations, Profiles and other pages that have the location field on them.


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Hello All, :)

On the events page when you create an event you want to provide a flyer of some sort for the event. On theincasempire we deal with a lot of postcard sized flyers from the event holders for advertising. In UNA this appears not to work because of the cropping tool that is used. If I can  suggest the following  modifications  made to the events graphics. 

1) Give Customers the ability to quickly change the cropping function to allow for different sized graphics because customers/members adding events will not know how to do this easily without having an administrator  to make the modifications for them. The cropping tool stretches the graphic to fit in the top of the event post which is pulled to the actual list of events page.

2) Have a section that the customer can add the photo for the event instead of pulling the header graphic. This appears to be copied from the member page

3) Remove the Avatar of the event so it does not appear in the middle of the event graphic on the events page. You want to provide the information of the flyer about the event. Notice the big orange T in the middle of the event post.ugvf6shyrg8vagzuytrucctmrlqqf9aq.jpg

4) Remove the avatar on the event page itself (big Orange T) or actually pull the avatar of the poster.


5) Below is the actual flyer customers are not going to know or have the ability to be able to pull the Graphic from a link. They will want the ability to be able to upload/post the photo, event flyer, or other graphics directly into the event they are creating.xswyrgvtz4zsxz8k5pvkgarvtflqajpy.jpg

I hope this helps for future updates of UNA:)


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I am having an issue where I am unable to generate a key or a secret for my website using the Key and Secrets add  new key button. I get the error of “The provided URL is incorrect. Please check it and try again” when I type in www.(Sitename).com,  (Sitename).com,  or (Sitename) and click on submit.


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