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When I open my site in mobile I see that my logo site is overlapping the "+",  please your help to know how can I fix it



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Hi UNA I've found very useful Organizations module and I need to have other module  with the same functionality but with other name and without losing Organizations module... how can we do it in a "easy way" ?

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Hello. How can I change the text showed when a user enter at first time in UNA

I am not talking just translating, I want to show other areas with other explanations


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Is possible to give permissions to someone with only one module  in Studio, for example Polyglot?

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Is there a way to have the specific key of a variable.

For example in this image I want to change translation of "Active" but I found 311 records in bx_persons 



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Hi, I am trying to publish a video in a Space but it is published in my Feed, not in Space, any idea ?

I tested an image and it is published correctly in the Space timeline 

-Image of video publishing


- Image of my feed


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is there a way to  give a default title to that photos ? Something like upload date or consecutive? I see that label does not say much.


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Hi guys. Is there anyone planning to develop or working with e-learning functionalities/modules like Moodle or edModo ?

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Hi, is it possible to put "Post" option in first place ?


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