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After migration to another server, dashboard host status shows "Web Server -UNDEFINDED" Extended audit information shows "rewrite_module - UNDEFINED"

I looked at /studio/dashboard.php?action=phpinfo but can't find where to look for rewrite_module.

Everything seems to work fine on the site. I don't notice any operational issues but wanted to know how the 'UNDEFINED' issue could affect the site.

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We migrated to another server now getting an error 500. I'm guessing caused by path change:

Old server:

/usr/local/bin/php /home/ACCOUNT/public_html/

New server:

/usr/local/bin/php /home/ACCOUNT/web/DOMAIN/public_html/

Where do I update/change these settings?

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Newbie...However, I purchased the affiliate module last night and contemplating unbiased news feed purchase for $9, however, I cant seem to install anything...Also, I'm seeking partnerships to white label market saas affiliate products locally...I have my own domains to attach, tap in!!!!

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What to do when getting this message when attempting to upgrade:

"Can't apply upgrade because the following files were modified: template/images/cover-homepageOLD.svg, template/images/cover.svg, template/images/cover-homepage.svg"

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