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Newbie...However, I purchased the affiliate module last night and contemplating unbiased news feed purchase for $9, however, I cant seem to install anything...Also, I'm seeking partnerships to white label market saas affiliate products locally...I have my own domains to attach, tap in!!!!
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What to do when getting this message when attempting to upgrade:"Can't apply upgrade because the following files were modified: template/images/cover-homepageOLD.svg, template/images/cover.svg, template/images/cover-homepage.svg"
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KEEP VISITORS ON YOUR SITE!Keep your website visitors on your site longer with high-quality, unbiased, unbranded national news. Our news player and newscasts are unbranded to look and sound like they're yours! The player is easy to use and works on all devices! Daily national radio news for you!GET TWO NEWS PLAYER!There's a daily on-demand news player that auto-updates with the latest headines. You also get a live stream 24-hour newscast playerPlayers are responsive to fit almost anywhere! Just place the code on the page where you want it! It's that easy!Content is king when it comes to keeping visitors on your website. Our unbiased/unbranded newscast players can help! No matter what kind of audience you have, our news players fit right in.No left or right slant. No branding.Our professional national newscasts can fit any website and any demographic.We bring quality entertainment and information to your website visitors!Hundreds of radio stations worldwide use our newscasts each and everyday!LISTEN TO DEMO OF NEWS HERE!
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How do I set the default topic for posting to "Post". Currently it's set to "Album"
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I'm having an issue with manual approving accounts.  Once I manually set account as "active" and the profile is email verified; once the user makes any change to their profile, the account goes back to "pending".Any ideas why this is happening?
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