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How do I set the default topic for posting to "Post". Currently it's set to "Album"

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    I'm having an issue with manual approving accounts.  Once I manually set account as "active" and the profile is email verified; once the user makes any change to their profile, the account goes back to "pending".

    Any ideas why this is happening?

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      Is anyone having an issue with price input on the "Ads" app?  There is an "A" before the price (see attached image).  Is there a fix for this?

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        • Hello Devin Young !

          I didn't see such issue. Do you have any modifications in Ads? Try to post another one using another browser and check the result. If it will be there still then plz provide via Messenger your UNA studio and Cpanel access.

          • Maybe Australian Dollars are set as default currency... then the symbol would be A$



            • The currency in ADS module is taken from these settings above

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              How do I get rid of the FB/Twitter sign-up/login buttons?  I no longer want FB / Twitter option.  Too many security updates every few months.  I've tried everything but the buttons are still on my sign up form.

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