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Could someone help we this issues. Someone that can make the changes. This what it says. Create an ads.txt file for 1 siteexpand_lessTo prevent severe impact on revenue, download an ads.txt file then upload the file to the root level domain of each site.
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Un able to upload any content. Using version 12. No changes have been  made. Never had a an issue. I have an event to go cover today could some please me out wit h this issue. It’s reads maximum size is 2mb. I checked the levels pre mission. It look good.
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In the past una. To vote on a poll we had a choice to select ( you have to be at least a standard membership to vote.) now I only see visibility option only. Could someone help with this. It’s popular poll.
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Hello, Everyone I notice my app been running for some time now. Over 6 to 7 months now. It’s running on 12. I never had an issue with app very very slow. But removing & re-installing it. Or just restarting my phone. It runs ok. BUT AFTER 12-15 click into the app it starts to load very slow. So when I ask others on una team, they see an issue because I realize that you have to go deeper than one or two click into the download our app here to see this issue. Could someone with this issue? Member leave and do t come back. Thanks
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@Mark Or who ever can help….how are you? Two things.. 1) I had google ads on my site before my update 12.0.0. I just started get paid for ads. It wasn’t much but it just started going. Now I can get approve from google, I have tried over 3 or five time to only say the same things, which they are not say directly the issue. Could you help me with this? 2) what happen to paid to join the website? I need to monetize my site. Now it says this (We couldn’t find the code on your site. This is because the code is either missing or incomplete, or because the URL of your site is incorrect. Learn more.)
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