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Hello community.For some mysterious reason we managed to get rid of the premium icon that should be left to each premium level. (See photo). Now it looks like a box people should check which confuses some.Does any of you know how we get it back? Thank you very much in advanceKind regardsFinn
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Hello community.I hope for your help here. We have leadless chrome browsers visiting several times per minute from Berlin and Frankfurt. They apparently crawl through our profiles and I presume they are scraping the content. Does any of you have a similar problem?So my question is. Do you know of any way to block headless browsers without blocking e.g. search engines?All the bestFinn
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Added a discussion there a way to log all users off or log a user off automatically after a certain time of inactivity?Thank you in advance finn
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Hello community,I want to remove the information about how many visitors a profile has had - or at least restrict who can see it. I know I have done it before but now I have forgotten how. Please helpAll the bestFinn
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Hello community. Come and say hello to some of the new members in The Educated Singles Club running on the UNA platform. We can't wat to see what version 13 (if it is coming) has in store for our members
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