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It asks me to subscribe, and If it detects that I have unsubscribed, it will let me know and the same thing happens if I block the notifications. It even shows subscribed users at the one signal control panel; I will get the test notification messages on both chrome and safari.  Yet, I am not getting any push notifications from the UNA site. If there is any activity, I immediately get the internal notifications as well as even emails about it, but 0 push notifications. What may be happening?
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So yeah, for a multilingual website, is it possible to translate the channels? Also, something that I would love to see is sub-channelsExample; ConcertsFanfictionOtherPhotographyPlastic artsPoetryTheatreVisual artsWritingThis would be supper for admins that prefer to have a preset of channels and maintain things organized.Anyway, if none of that is possible right now, can we at least have a field to enter tags when writing a post? I think this would help boost the channel's system!!!!
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I can't find any info on this.I want yo buy the Rocketchat module, but I have a few questions. It says that users can connect with their UNA accounts; will this work for hosted and cloud versions of Rocketchat? Will it work for their provided mobile app as well, or just with the chat embedded? Thanks!
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I am translating UNA, and doing so I realized that there are so many keys with the same translation assigned to them. Can the developers use the same keys for the words that are the same, please?For example _bx_persons_page_block_title_system_profile_related_me = Relationships with Me_bx_persons_page_block_title_profile_related_me = Relationships with MeThere are hundreds like these ones. I understand that it may be the fact that different developers work on different modules and assign their won keys, but this is a very bad practice for a multilingual platform as beautiful as UNA is, and make the translation a pain in the behind. Also, different keys for the same word/sentences can be found inside the same module. I don't understand why!Another subjection would be to assign something like _bx_st_ at the beginning of the keys that belong in the Studio, many of us don't really need Studio to be translated. Knowing which keys belong in there would save a tremendous amount of time.Thank you very much for reading. I appreciate your hard work and love UNA.
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Hi LeonidS Alex T⚜️ I noticed that the "Feature Link" that I once used to feature some GROUPS suddenly become invisible. So it's impossible to unfeature or to feature any other group.I checked the status in the Studio > Navigation, it's enabled and visibility is set to "everyone". Please I need you fix this for me.
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