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If I have a third party web based tool I'd like to integrate into our UNA site, what's the best way to do that? 
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Figured out that it is possible to have multiple levels of parents and children, but it's a little quirky. Had to add the lowest level first and associate them with a parent, and when I was done making child spaces I could go back and add the parent to a parent above it. If I did it the other way when I created the child spaces they couldn't see the parent if it was already linked to a parent already. Any idea if there is a limit to the number of parent levels that can be created? Now to make it so the child pages don't show by default on the Spaces page. Defeats the purpose of the nested structure. 
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I spent time yesterday creating cover images for my groups. Frustrating that identical sized images behave so differently. Attached is the view on my iPhone. Same problems on the desktop. Would it be difficult to have an option for the cover image to shrink to fit the available space? Do other templates handle cover images the same way? It would be nice too to have the option to turn off the floating image, or to select where it appears. Right now it is dead center in the space and conflicts with the images I'm putting behind it. 
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Is there a way to modify/edit/add to the series of tour prompts that load when I log into my site? 
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One of the three emails about responses to another forum thread I just got had a link of a type that never seem to work for me. (not sure why the link is invisible right now so I hope it is pasted below)                                                         Mark Purser added a comment to discussion Spaces isn't very cle…                    2019-04-16 02:45                          
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