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UNA is excellent, but we are not going to make it our main tool of life. I have a question for the team, if it's already possible, give me the information?

      Est-il possible de partager ou de publier un article dans plusieurs groupes en même temps?

NB : I just modified this message, I wrote it with error, I am French speaking, and here I just have to express myself in English, sometimes it is necessary to translate. I wanted to say that `` we are going to make this our tool of life ''

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    Hello everybody !

    Imagine most of us here on una.io are entrepreneurs, innovators or whatever your reason, we have to work as a team to do great things. So I have a question to which I would like the participation of all those who think they have a more practical answer.

    How to build the best possible team and what kind of compromise to make when you don't have a big budget to offer a good salary?

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      • You are right thomlin   , money is not such a good motivator, great people are the vision of things that motivate them more

        • Besides, this is the hard part, finding the right people who can really connect with others. even if money is hard to come by, it's not really a reason to give up. with good feelings, I also think that we can do great things Jaduho 

          • Mark Purser said:   

            "Offering employee equity arrangements is fairly standard practice amongst startups, and provides a sound incentive for your employees to stay around for the long haul."  

            That's right.  Harmoney with Vision and Passion are HUGELY important, but talent needs to be paid somehow!  

            Offering a modest or even very small salary AND a percent ownership is the usual method to engage first hires.

            I personally don't take on this kind of work often, but here is an example: In a current project, I am working to help a tech startup get funded and create a Minimally Viable Product. I get a few hundred dollars a month, AND 10% ownership of the company (2% vested each quarter until my ownership reaches 10% - which keeps me around for at least 5 quarters :)

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            The site is running an old version of ads and when I try to update the ADS module, this is the message I got. Suddenly not all the ads can display more. How to solve?


            Anton L , Igor Lebedev , LeonidS  can you help me?

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              Hello, when I add an ad on the site, I receive this error, any ideas to solve it?



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                Is it possible to disable the cover of the profile page and leave only the profile picture and profile actions, if so how? thank you

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                  • Thanks LeonidS , On the first image, arrow 1 represents the cover that I am trying to deactivate and arrow 2 represents the profile image that I intend to leave on the page


                    In this image we can see how the profile page looks when I turn off the cover in studio / pages / people / settings / cover


                    This last image is from tik tok, it's a profile image

                    the arrow shows the result I am looking for in UNA


                    my problem is to turn off the profile cover and just leave the photo, but when the cover is off, the photos too. is it possible to do this with basic settings




                    • Got it. So you may hide the cover via Studio->[Your template]->Styles-[Your mix]->Cystom Styles area. Just added there the code like:

                      .bx-base-pofile-cover-image {

                      display: none;


                      This is the easiest way.

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