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Hi UNAI want to ask about canceling the Messenger icon in the bottom bar of the mobile application or diverting it to messages, because I do not want to subscribe to Messenger, as it does not require me. @Andrey Yasko @Alex T⚜️ @Anton L @LeonidS @Mark Purser Thanks in advance
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How can I replace the Messenger in the bottom bar of the application with messages (due to not subscribing to the Messenger), and how can I delete the Messenger icon in the bottom bar of the application
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Hi UNACan I buy apps on una using a prepaid visa card?@LeonidS @Andrey Yasko @Alex T⚜️ @Mark Purser @
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Hello UNAI have a problem with the push notifications in the UNA mobile application in android, and I also tried several applications that use UNA and suffered from the same problem.Push notifications never work and I don't get any alerts on the mobile. On the other hand, when I open the app, I notice that there are several notifications.Does anyone suffer from this problem?Please, what do you think about this problem? @Andrey Yasko @Alex T⚜️ @Mark Purser @LeonidS
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HelloHas anyone used the mobile app on their site? Is he doing well? Is the application faster than the site or slower? If someone has an app for their site, can they put the link for us to try it?Thank you in advance
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