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To prevent images and videos from going beyond the block boundaries on some tablets, you can change just one line in the styles, but this will work until the next update.


So if you want to avoid this problem, just add these lines to your styles:

.bx-media-tablet .bx-def-constraint-iframe iframe, .bx-media-tablet .bx-def-constraint-img img {max-width : 100%!important}
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What is the item responsible for: Studio > Timeline > Card > “Number of characters in auto-generated update's title”? At first I thought that here it was possible to configure the number of characters based on which the message title would be generated, but no.

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Is it possible somewhere in the settings to change the color of the icons displayed only in the ribbon? Or can it only be done by changing the color in the custom styles?


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Is it possible to replace the new "Author" block with the old version somewhere in the settings, without editing styles?


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After the release of UNA 13, the Canonical attribute appeared on some pages of the website. As a result, search engines can no longer independently choose the most relevant page and they stop indexing them properly.

The problem lies in the fact that pages like (and others exist): "una.io/p/una-13-polaris-released" and "una.io/i/una-13-quot-polaris-quot-released" are essentially the same, but both of these pages are canonical.

Currently, I am planning to prevent indexing of pages like "una.io/i/una-13-quot-polaris-quot-released" on my website using noindex. However, I am not sure if this is the best solution. Can you advise on the best approach? Should I block them in the robots.txt file?

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Hello! Installed the "Channels" module and noticed that many 404 pages appeared. What is wrong with this module?


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How to solve the problem with fixing the background on the site for iOS devices and the Safari browser? In Dolphin, by the way, everything works fine.

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Where can I find a file to translate the strings in the “Header Image” into another language?


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