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I get the error

Your hosting doesn't meet minimal requirements:
allow_url_include = On - FAIL (must be = Off)

But when I do my own check "allow_url_include" is infact set to "off" (see my own check indicated by the red arrow in the image)

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    The place where the plugin autoload file is being required is here "/install/index.php on line 52"

    If you go to the repo and look in the plugin dir (una/plugins/) u will see no such file exists only an .htaccess file

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      When analysing it with WinDirStat i get this report

      Please check your disk usage and clean up if you can. Thank you.

      921.9 MB C:\Users\ivan\Downloads\una-master_big\una-master
      594.1 MB C:\Users\ivan\Downloads\una-master_big\una-master\upgrade
      283.2 MB C:\Users\ivan\Downloads\una-master_big\una-master\modules
      29.5 MB C:\Users\ivan\Downloads\una-master_big\una-master\plugins_public
      9.1 MB C:\Users\ivan\Downloads\una-master_big\una-master\template
      2.0 MB C:\Users\ivan\Downloads\una-master_big\una-master\inc
      1.7 MB C:\Users\ivan\Downloads\una-master_big\una-master\studio
      1.6 MB C:\Users\ivan\Downloads\una-master_big\una-master\samples
      434.1 KB C:\Users\ivan\Downloads\una-master_big\una-master\install
      174.3 KB C:\Users\ivan\Downloads\una-master_big\una-master\scripts
      128.8 KB C:\Users\ivan\Downloads\una-master_big\una-master\
      128.0 KB C:\Users\ivan\Downloads\una-master_big\una-master\tests
      4.5 KB C:\Users\ivan\Downloads\una-master_big\una-master\periodic
      106 Bytes C:\Users\ivan\Downloads\una-master_big\una-master\cache_public
      105 Bytes C:\Users\ivan\Downloads\una-master_big\una-master\tmp
      75 Bytes C:\Users\ivan\Downloads\una-master_big\una-master\storage
      14 Bytes C:\Users\ivan\Downloads\una-master_big\una-master\logs
      14 Bytes C:\Users\ivan\Downloads\una-master_big\una-master\plugins
      13 Bytes C:\Users\ivan\Downloads\una-master_big\una-master\cache

      Disk usage report generated by WinDirStat.

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        The download link (Download the latest UNA package “.zip” archive) in the install guide (found on github) seems broken. When i open that link all i see is a page with the download section is empty

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          When was una.io first created?

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