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Hello UNA community!

Having trouble with the ADSense Auto Ads. Inserted code in Designer->Injections, and it works nice in site pages, but in some pages, mainly the view-persons related ones, it breaks the design in header, moving the profile photo and buttons to the right outside page in desktop views. 

Theme is Protean, with Element Mix from UNA Themes 

Is there any solution to this? Does anybody faced the same? 


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Hello UNA community

Having problems in the Studio Apps section, it giving me error, dont show any app nor updates. Checked the key&secret for site and the professional suscription active, all seems ok but unable to see ok the apps and update them.

Wanted to check if its arround my site or if anybody also experiencing this issue?

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    Having a problem with messenger shoutbox: the click on the 3 little buttons on the rigth to react, delete etc.. dont nothing when click. But this only happens on the index, in /page/messenger  it works perfect.

    Tryed deleting cache of UNA, browser, and also check with host company, but unable to find the cause and fix. Also UNA and Messenger updated.

    Any idea about what can be? Does anybody faced this same issue?

    Many thanks.

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      Having problems to get the Messenger App working ok. Seems working ok for first message, but after it, it keeps stuck in "connecting"

      I followed this to check with host arround "Port number 5000 may be closed for external connect"  https://una.io/page/view-discussion?id=7406  

      But in my messenger settings i have as Messenger url: https://localhost:5200

      Dont sure if some setting wrong, or what exactly to check with host company.

      Please, any advice over this? 

      Many Thanks!


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        Hello UNA Community,

        Asking about info of server software requirements in order to make work properly the Messenger App from Una Inc, and also what will be necesary for future livestream feature.

        We need to install and make work Messenger and be ready and dont have to change server when the livestream feature is avaiable. But it seems we need to change VPS. Just want to be sure if anybody can advice in order to not move soon again.

        I not server admin, i have to ask for this, but dont sure about future requiremenrs and if i lost something plus this:

        1 -I already know we need to install Jot Server, and for this we need to have in our server installed "npm and nodejs". Anything more on server must be installed plus  npm and nodejs? Something server software more requiered for this?

        2- Is there something more concrete that will be needed for the livestream feature?

        Thanks a lot!

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          • Hello!

            1. For Jot Server it is enough node js, npm and forever plugin for node js (VPS is enough). Also your server should allow to open at least one secure port for external connections. It will be used to connect Jots Server with your site.

            2. If you mean your own Jitsi meet server, which is used for online conferences, then it also requires node js and web server and during Jitsi meet installation the all required software will be installed automatically VPS also may be enough for it for the first time.

            It is hard to tell exactly which server do you need to stand video streaming, it depends on number online members and some of features which can used parallel with video conferences like video recording or streaming to another server like youtube and etc.. 

            • Hello Alexey

              Many thanks for the detailed info. 

              Understood, I take good note and sharing with Sys Admin in order to install the required software on the VPS, we were having some trouble with the "npm and nodejs" for the Jot Server, and also take note about the Jitsi meet server requirements for the live stream way.


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