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First Question: Is it safe to upgrade from 12.1.0 to  UNA-13-b3, or is there something more I should look at. I don't want to upgrade if its not going to be seamless from the version I currently have. Second Question: Why does the upgrade not show up on my dashboard? I've tried turning on Auto-Update and force update to know avail. Am I missing a step or something??
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So I had this issue a while back it never was resolved. It seems that when someone creates an account, that the site sometimes will say there email is taken or not acceptable. I verify that the email is not in use, but yet it still says email is in use or not acceptable.
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Reposted Andrey Yasko's post.
Watch the Search Engine Optimisation overview - basic steps and tips for a newly-installed community based on UNA. While most of the ideas discussed in the video are quite obvious and simple, we observe a surprising number of UNA-powered sites not taking advantage of basic SEO configuration. More advances tricks, ideas and techniques will be discussed in future tutorials. Please, share your SEO secrets in the comments - sharing secrets is good for you 😉 - together we can push for UNA to become the most SEOptimised framework in the world!
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So I had this issue a while back, where if a member loads more then a few pics at a time to create an album, it causes a huge unusable site, to include member wide issues. Never did figure out the cause. just dealt with it as it happened. So what happens:Member makes an albumAdds Photos to album (around 5 or more)Clicks SubmitSite locks up for at least 5 minutes or more.When it happens, I try to clear cache with no change... I also clear browser with no change. After patiently waiting at least 5 minutes you can get back into site, and go see if photos uploaded. Sometimes they do, sometimes you have to repeat the process. This happens pretty often. I have got to get this fixed. When I start hitting 1000 members actively using site? This CANNOT be happening...
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So I have people trying to understand using the WiKi module. How to set up and use. there is no instruction to configuration and usability. I need some guidance please. Even I find a difficult to setup as far as actually adding a WiKi. What and how do you use the different blocks? In the end, does this come out looking like the WiKi website? There is no initial menu, categories, etc...Could someone explain the content block, Administration Block and the of course Content.
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