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So with Facebook, you are able to see there main join or login page. As you see at the bottom of the login, you can see that you can create a page right from the login or even join as a page. In our situation, we have organizations. Why or how do we add this to our login page, so that members can join as a organization rather then a personal profile, like on Facebook. You should be able to have profiles and organization that our not tied to a profile, unless the profile owner is hidden from the Page or organization like on Facebook. This prevents profile owners who have created a page or Organization from spam, hate mail, un-needed communication, that should be directed to a organization. Organizations should also have there own set of rules that allow others to join it as authorized members of that organization, for reasons of managing and moderation.

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    • Ya I think I have tried that. but it ties the profile that I can see to the Organization, to where you are seen as the owner. It shouldn't be that way unless you elect to make yourself known that you are the owner. It also does not allow others to become members with rights to operation of the Organization, of course approved by original creator.

      • But what I could observe in the last year here is the following:

        Anyone who registers on the sites must first create an account and then a profile.

        This is where it starts to get complicated for many users, because the account and profile creation are divided into 2 different steps.

        On other sites you normally only create a profile and then you are registered.

        Here you create the account and many users often do not understand that they then have to create a profiler!

        But you could compensate for this by offering the registration steps like a tour, or combining the account and profile creation with profile selection in one step and one popup!

        That's why I said before that you should make many steps easier here..

        The same applies to settings and administration.

        there should be a page where you can manage all settings or management of friends followers profile visitors and the content of your own modules!!

        Creating a separate page for everything may be clear to some, but not many.

        • I agree with you. We have done it this way. Right after the user has created an account he or she is lead directly to create profile page.

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          So is anyone else seeing member blank pages on there member profiles, after using Profile customizer from MSolutions? I'm finding and getting reports from people either after using it, or new members that are joining. As well as preexisting members that have used it...

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            So I have had this issue in and off. It seems when people join and use there email, that when they click join? It comes back telling them there email is invalid. What would cause this. I can't have the site rejecting peoples emails, because it "thinks" it invalid.

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              So is there a way or does the robot account work as a site profile account, to where when something is posted. The community see's it? What would have to be done to provide my community a way to see and hear from the administration to all on site?

              Currently I use a account like all the rest, but ifyou are not friended,, only friends see posts and activity.

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