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Guys I am really sorry I do this everytime and you must be super annoyed at me by now! 😂

I have just moved a few things around since I need UNA on social.pulseunity.com I have set the license but of course have none of my normal PP apps in there! Can you help please?

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As you can see in the image I am getting like a double login character. These commands keep popping up through the site. Has anyone got an idea what is causing this please?


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Reposted AQB Soft's product.

This simple module creates a block with a Code on a profile view page. The QR Code contains an URL to that profile's page. This allows to easily links on mobiles.Also an owner of a profile is allowed to download the QR Code as a png image for a later use. For example share it on some external resources or print it and share it in a real world this way making it very easy for people to reach the profile without necessity to type in a long profile URL/address in their browser's address bar.You can even force it to display your site's logo at a centre.

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Hi Can somebody please help? For some reason we cannot get the paid levels to work for people to be able to select a membership. Screenshot below. I am not totally new to UNA and was previously using Dolphin. Nothing I am trying seems to work. In payments we are using Stripe. Any feedback will be gratefully recieved. URL is https://luxuryvr360.com Many thanks, JF


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