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I upgraded to Una 11 and now nothing renders on the main pages. The only pages that seem to work are the homepage, before login; the Studio launcher page and most of its sub pages. 

The Badges page and the Audit page do not work in Studio. 

I'm getting errors like this:



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    I added a "File" field to a form's Create and Edit views so a person can upload a file. How do I display the file on the View page?

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    Hi AQB Soft,

    This does not look good. If a person marks a Page's visibility to "Only Me" I would hope that no cards would show. Currently it's showing cards, but marking them as "Private" on the Person's profile. 



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      If the Person is a member of a Private/Secret Group, show the discussions in their timeline and in the Discussion pages/blocks. Right now they have to go to the Private/Secret Group, then to Discussions in the Group to see the messages.

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        Trying to find private/secret groups that you're a member of takes too many clicks. 

        Current process:

        1. Click Groups
        2. Click Manage
        3. Click down arrow to show hidden menu to switch from My Groups to All groups
        4. Open Private group

        Proposed Process:

        Show Private Groups in New Groups, Top Groups, and any other Group Blocks if the User is a member of the Private/Secret group and add a label on the Card indicating that it's a Private/Secret Group.


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          • ...or you can go to your profile page, click on groups in the member menu, and there it is, but I can see how what you’re saying would make it much easier.

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