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Dear una suppport:

         I can not update from studio,i think it is the cron job problem,my hosting can add cron job by a form,please watch the image i uploaded,i pick every mins,and what command should i type in then?

     i had tpye in this" MAILTO=myaccount * * * * * /usr/bin/php -q /home/mypacth/public_html/periodic/cron.php"      but not worked,

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    • Hello king !

      You may leave it on this part there:

      /usr/bin/php -q /home/mypacth/public_html/periodic/cron.php

      • If cron doesn't work, you should probably specify the command like this: /opt/php/5.6/bin/php -q /var/www/hosting username/data/www/your domain/periodic/cron.php this is how I registered the command on my hosting, everything works fine.

        • /usr/bin/php -q /home/mypacth/public_html/periodic/cron.php this worked thank you very much!

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          Dear una support:

                   I want to build a mulitvendor market,i wish the vendor add new product must be reviewed by administrator, and then should be released,i can not find any option for the review,can you help me?

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            • This feature isn't available in market module, pre-moderation is available for Persons, Orgs and Glossary modules only.

              • hi Alex thanks for your reply,It is very important for administrator to manage the market,do you have anyother way to do the pre-moderation ?or are there any commercial module can do this?

                • We're going to add pre-moderation in the future -

                  However most probably it will not happen anytime soon.

                  One possible solution for now to enable pre-moderation in Market is to set status to non-active by default by executing the following query:

                  ALTER TABLE `bx_market_products` CHANGE `status_admin` `status_admin` ENUM('active','hidden') NOT NULL DEFAULT 'hidden';

                  So by default market products will have hidden status, this status can be changed by admin/moderator only, so this could be some sort of pre-moderation.

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                  hi guys I want to add a field to market buyer after payment can view the field ,I can not find the ACL setting for a new field ,is it possible for a Field ?
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                    • There is no paid level on this list (but you may make Premium like wanted). You need to create a new one via Studio->Permission App and then make it paid via Paid levels App. And the work with this new level in Visibility filter.

                      • hi leonids i do as your idea step by step,but i found a problem the Paid levels App add a new level "paid" need input price,i don't want to sell membership,just want to make a video store,buyer after paid can download video,not paid for a member ship,thanks you again but can you tell me is this the only way to do this?

                        • You may use any proper level from your current list, I just answered about Paid Levels App because you mentioned the "user paid status" :-) 

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                          Dear UNA support:

                                             I am new here,yes i want to know how can Transfer my Permanent Dolphin licence from boonex to UNA


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