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Added a few icons and returns empty

'code-compare', 'rectangle-pro'

Por favour, update v6

Out of Stock? Have a bunch of bamboo, please take one. You're welcome!

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In Studio page, tweaked one thing in CSS... all Apps widget to be hexagon-ed. <-- Don't mind me, just personal custom on my part.

Discovered that most language mods are outdated. If you are still using flag and rounded code, please update your language module(s) to current design like English, Spanish, and Russian in purple (they are already up-to-date).

Example... ZH, DA, NL, FI, FR, DE, HE, IT, JA, KO, NO, PL, SV, TH.

Don't care for Flag Widgets, they are confusing enough. Like France/Netherlands/Russia. It makes sense to display two-letter codes in widget since it's about languages, not art. Moreover, Language Mods should adopt UNA's minimalism coloured-code (#8B73AE) to better organise.

Thank you.

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Not sorry, but the default Site Navigation Menu are super ugly in Artificer.

I'd like to transform Site Navigation into two menus horizontal with each floating like it's done in 'Community' on here.

Community: Discussions, Groups, Channels, Events, Organisations, Persons, Map

Feeds: Posts, Albums, Files, Photos, Videos, Polls

Thought, it would be simple. I spent overnight trying... to no avail. I'm tired and I'm angry. Seems no one cared about Document in wiki. They are either outdated or that part is not covered. Come on!

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    • You still have the standard menu... you can choose (even page by page) which menu you want to display...

      either Standard or Application

      • Standard or Application?

        Had me explore and found in Designer, is this the one I overlooked or is that a new feature in 13?

        Thanks for pointing the right direction. Will do a second attempt tomorrow.

        • I just noticed I had started creating a navigation menu on my homepage and realized I could do the same in the navigation menu and it would look nice and save space. For instance: Videos would open to two options Regular for Regular videos and Shorts for the TikTak videos. Same for one that divides People Profiles and Organizations etc and then Contests... That navigation menu had a ton of potential

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          If Messenger works here. Why isn't mine working? "Connecting....." like that for three weeks is NOT acceptable. I was told problem with Jot Server exists also. Running Jot Server 1.0.3 (on latest UNA Beta), outdated for UNA v13?

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            Numbers and street names are revealed, bad idea for Persons (and maybe some Organisations) profiles for security reason. Any way to hide that?


            Could you please create 'Languages' in the launcher and move Polyglot under 'Languages'. That would be most welcoming for translators role.

            So far, I'm liking new features and cool changes.

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