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My hosting about to expire and looking to see what hosting you're running your una on. That allows video upload and able to use messenger.


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I am trying to find a way to use php or js that I can use to Injections into space header.

I am looking to create a code that can use  profile_id=26 when you are posting in space and update Visibility*  base on that Id since <optgroup label="SPACE">  and <option value="-26">HVAC Copper Fittings</option>   for example if the code look for id and and update the visibility for the Value automatically it would allow user to post what they are posting in the right place in space without having to choose from Visibility. 

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I am trying to find a way to fix this on mobile phone  I am using


Default mix 

it still seem to be the name when using Decorous Default 

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I see space list 

but when I click on discussions for example I don't see a way to add something.

can someone explain how it work? only thing that you can add something is timeline 

thank you

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It would be nice to create a category or label and  assign it to different module. Another than retyping it if you want to same for different module. 

Maybe in the next update ? Impossible?

300 done 3000 to go...😌 

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