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My site automatically updated during the small hours, however, I received a notification with some errors:

The following errors appeared during modules upgrade:

Accounts Manager module:
Ads module: Array
Antispam module:
Events module:
Nexus module:

When I logged onto my site, which is due to go live, Monday after next, I found that some of my Ads had been totally deleted.

I also received 4 database error emails yesterday.

After logging into my studio, the modules which failed to load were ready for updating, so I clicked them and they disappeared, after they said that they were queuing. 

How do I find out if they installed correctly and how do I prevent loss of content on future automatic updates?!

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    • Hello,
      Assuming you have updated to 11.0.3. The latest version for these modules is:
      Accounts Manager module: => 11.0.3
      Ads module: => 11.0.1
      Antispam module: => 11.0.0
      Events module: => 11.0.3
      Nexus module: => 11.0.3
      You can see this on the product sheet of each module by clicking on the "download" button. You can also see all the versions by clicking on the chevron.

      About data loss I don't know, normally you shouldn't lose anything.

      • UNA update never deletes any content. 

        However there is setting in Ads module which deactivate ads after some time:

        So I suspect that it's normal behaviour.

        • Ah, thank you Steven, I'll check when I uploaded them and the deactivate settings ;)

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            • Hi.

              Nice to meet you.

              I am new on this site.

              Could you let me know about what is this site and how to use .

              I will wait for your reply.

              Thanks and best wishes.

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