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How to add button after description in Organisation module..


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hello, this is my second post of the same topic. i assume you didn't got the 1st post...

this issue is still actual, but meanwhile i got an another issue with my meneged service upgrade. this service changed from 32 to 64bit and with it i had to upgrade it. but my settings for the cron-jobs were lost.

this is the dialog of this set-up:

-there is a box for http-calls over url and direct script-call

-and then there is place where the path of url-target or script (Depending on the type of call (HTTP or direct), the target to be entered below designates a URL that is to be called or the path to a script in your directory structure.)

what is the working set-up for the cronejobs?

kind regards



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I tried the site lock as suggested but it didn't change anything. Am I missing something else?


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Hi Leonid S,

yot didn't answer several my email to the topic of broken UNA studio after update of several apps.

I'm still having the error when i'm trying to access the studio:

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'BxTemplAcl' not found in


Stack trace:




#1 /kunden/443052_1060/public_html/inc/classes/BxDolModule.php(71):












#5 /kunden/443052_1060/public_html/inc/classes/BxDolModule.php(102):


#6 /kunden/443052_1060/public_html/inc/classes/BxDolPreloader.php(84):

BxDolModule::getInstance('bx_timeline in /kunden/443052_1060/public_html/inc/classes/BxDolAcl.php on line 129

i gave you access to the hosting server and admin-access to my site. what else can i do? is this problem solvable?

kind regards,


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LeonidS, apart from making a backup, what else should be done to uipgrade from 

UNA on inSelf Yoga

Version: 11.0.4 Installed: 12 Apr 2019

UNA 12.1.0 is available!

Should I request help doing this and what would it costs.

Hate to do it and have the site disappear

Also would the site's present format change when the installation is done?

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Hi Leonid,

So in order to do a better setup of our system we just moved una to it's own domain from a sub and it was done as a new installation.

It is installed ok now but I have lost all my paid apps and I lost a bunch of my other apps because it seems you guys are charging for many that I had and since I have been here for a long time I would like to know how to get all my apps back on the new installation.

Does this have to do with the fact that I generated new kets and secret?

Mike Butler

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error 500 when trying to view an ad. Can't create an ad either.

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HelloI had copied the Proton Light Mix templateManipulated and saved with different names.You selected as the default template.Unfortunately, the new template is not in that"bx_menu_popup ('sys_switch_template', window);"not selectable.

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