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What's Up Una Fam!!!

I hope you are all well!!

Quick question: How do you upload longer format videos? Videos larger than 200 MB.

Thank you!!!

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I would like to add a downloadable PDF file to this custom page What is the best way to do this?

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What's Up Una community!!!

Quick question.. Is it possible to LIVE broadcast on Una yet?

If so what are the best steps or practices to do so?



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Hi Una Crew!!!

Quick question... What happen if I uncheck "Automatic account activation after creation"? How does it function differently checked or unchecked?

Thank you!!


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What does checking "Allow to follow without join" do in Organizations?

I would like to set it up so that users can follow the organization (so the orgs content will show up in the users feed) without orgs needing to accept friend requests. Additionally I would like only members (example employees) of an org to be able to be members of the org.

Thank you Una Community!!!

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