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I tried to plonk this simple question in the shot box, but the shout box never shows me the most recent messages, and when I try to scoll down or up it just plonks me back at message number '132' lol. So i will put my question here.

I am chaging the css on light mix on portan templet, but when I go into the custom css in the light mix settings, there is no way to save it, no button, nothing. I thought perhaps it auto saves but it doesn't do that either, so is there a save button in the custom css or do i have to do something else.

btw, its hard to create a new style/mix i just can't get htem to show up so i figured I'd go simple and just change the css of the existing bog standard mix. but nothing is ever easy when it comes to una :(


Someone PLEASE for the love of god make a 'how to make a new style/mix tutorial for dummys' and put it on youtube, you'd make a fortune and make me a happy woman at the same time

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I have posted this before but no one responded, I am not sure if this is a bug or if its by design, but I have uninstalled una several times, reinstalled, messed about with other platforms and always came back to UNA because I feel it has more potential do be what I want it to be. However i cannot for the life of me get the blocks friends, followers, and following and well any kind of 'persons' block to show on the home page.

Everything else works but not the persons catagory. Its driving me mad, there must be a way because they are in the 'add blocks' function and I can add them in studio but they don't show up on the site. why is this? The levels are correct, the same as anyother block that shows, yet these don't. is this a bug?

This has been months now, a whole pandemic has passed since I first posted about this issue, yet it still doesn't work. At first I thought perhaps its an issue with my version of UNA hence the unistall, redown load, reinstall, unstall, reinstall, unistal, reinstall and on and on and on but nothing works.

Help this little nurse out please, i don't want to work on nhs for rest of my life I want to be a super rich social network site owner like elon musk on;y without the 40 billion quid in my back pocket.

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I reinstalled the newest version of una, and now friends block is not showing. 

image_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=4554&dpx=1&t=1611527099The block is in place as shown


This is the settings


No friends block.

Other blocks appear like the active people there that you can see. What am I doing wrong?

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I have figured out how to make a profile entry in forms and doing the jiggling about required, so i can make a profile field, have the field appear on 'edit profile' and then the information inputed by the user appear into the 'info' block on the 'profile info block'. This is great, things are coming together. But how do I make say, a info 2 block? With different info that i can put into a different space on the page?


above is the block that is already there in the page profile info. I am able to put further fields into this so additional info can go into the profile. But if i wanted that info to go into a different block how would I go about this? This block is 'about' and in the 'add block' function on the page it comes under 'persons - info'. how would I essentially make a second block to hold more user info?

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Dolphin UNA platform is very difficult to navigate. VERY difficult. This UNA site is difficult to navigate also, its not simple enough. I can see so much hard work has been put into this platform, but come on guys things need melding together. There is little to no instructions on how to do things. I have found a few out of date youtube videos that don't match the current Dolphin una. 

For instance…. I just want to make profile fields to put into profile information, so people can have on their profile if they want, say...i went to 'this school' or 'I like to drink tea'. and for that to appear in profile information. I eventually found 'forms' and found something inside forms that looks like the static profile info that comes with the installation. so I figured hey! It's here, I will stick a few fields in to see what happens. but alas, nothing happens. nothing at all. This is because there is little to no information on how to actually do things. I can't see how anyone will pay money to get a platform that is so hard to navigate, and if it's not hard then show us how to do it. Many people would be willing to fork out cash for this platform if only they could figure out how to actually work it. 

I personally can't find anything on this website that helps, in fact finding anything on this website besides my own profile is difficult. I mean a lot of the time I feel like uninstalling UNA, but then i think……..



Is there a manual on how to do things? instructions? please show me because everything is just hard. It's like figuring out how to do brain surgery with the instructions written on the back of a cereal packet. 

You know what, give me an idea of how this thing works and i will write a blooming Dolphin UNA guide for dummies. Starting with the basics, like how to turn it on.


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