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Trying to figure out why any photo I attempt to upload, gets shown as a broken image.

This error occurs in the Persons / Albums / Photos module.

Reviewing the transcoder log, this is what is given:

Aug 14 00:32:23 [3] /image_transcoder.php?o=bx_photos_preview&h=1&dpx=1&t=1660437141 [bx_photos_preview] ERROR: applyFilter_Resize failed for file (/var/www/vhosts/website.com/httpdocs/tmp/sample.png): Unsupported image type text/html. GD driver is only able to decode JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP or WebP files.

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I decided to install and update the Protean theme, however after doing so when any of the mixes are selected within the Design menu on the front-end, it results in a 502 bad gateway error message.

This does not happen with any of the other themes that I have active at the moment, nor did it occur when I tested Ocean. Unsure what is causing this theme to fail to change the users site theme.

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When I updated the Artificer template to 13.0.1 the frontend of the site is now having 500 error occur even when the theme is not set to the site default. Simply having it enabled will cause this to happen.

I have tried disabling / removing this theme and attempt to install it fresh, but regardless of how many attempts, doesn't seem to remedy the issue.

This does not occur with any other theme.

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I'm wanting to alter how the covers are displayed on pages. I noticed that UNA is setup to have the cover URL as the background image rather than in the SRC and have some random blank "spacer" as the SRC.

I want to have the __cover_url__ serve as the IMG SRC, I have attempted to do this in every instance I can find on my own within the cover files scattered throughout the files but no matter which file I change, the page will still maintain the space icon as the SRC.

Is there a cover template file I'm just overlooking for profiles / spaces / groups?

Example of what I'm wanting to alter but no matter what I do, it'll always return https://examplesite.com/template/images/icons/spacer.gif

<img class="bx-base-pofile-cover-image __img_class__" style="background-image:url(__cover_url__)" src="(__cover_url__)"/>
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Hopefully, someone from the GitHub maintainers can answer this.

I have been slowly applying the completed revisions from GitHub on to my test site within the A3 milestone, for a long while now everything has been going smoothly but for some reason today (haven't touched the code in about a week now) Asynchronous Mode has randomly decided to forever load without displaying any content.

I'm just overall curious if there have been any (recent) completed tasks within GitHub that might impact this loading method?

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