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For some reason, I can not use the market store as I am stuck on the old key and it comes up with THE CLIENT ID SUPPLIED IS INVALID

How or what file do I need to go to edit the Key from old to new, it does not seem to do it by default. many thanks ;))

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I got UNA installed on my VPS ;))

Then I could only see the login page on firefox and not Chrome or Brave.

Also when I try to make changes it sort of freezes with that little wheel spinning around ;)

From what I can see using inspect it is not like HTTPS and ill show you the error it shows:

image_transcoder.php?o=sys_images_editor&h=750&dpx=2&t=1666810732I am using my own control panel as well hoping it's not that but its called CyberPanel

I'd love to know what you guys think it is cuz its got me a bit lost lol

Im so close but yet so far away ;)

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Hiya again ;)

Site is temporarily unavailable due to scheduled maintenance, please try again in a minute.

I bet this is an easy one for some ;) but what does this mean?? I can not get past it??

I have a feeling I am missing something or is it because I'm trying to test it on the Softaculous auto-installer on my Cpanel on my shared hosting??

Seems to be a few modules I can not find as well?

Im wondering if shared Cpanel is a good place to test this software out?

Or am I just doing it all wrong ;))

Many thanks for any help ;))

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Hi I'm figuring out how this works so bear with me lol

So anyway id like to know what version of PHP I would use and all the extensions so it works correctly, I'm hoping there is a document somewhere on all the requirements needed to run this on a VPS, command lines and so on if that's somewhere I can find ;) Many thanks and best regards

Mr Paradise

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I like this software very much but the pricing is ludicrous ;))

I still like it and will use it but the free version, if your prices were much lower I would pay for this but it's way too much.

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This a new one on me
Site is temporarily unavailable due to scheduled maintenance, please try again in a minute.
All I would need to use this software in PHP
Im a Noob lol