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Who doesn't love a good whistleblower? Especially when they are spilling the dirt on our mates at Facebook. It is concerning stuff, Haugen’s document dump revealed what many suspected but couldn’t prove: that Facebook created more lenient secret rules for elite users, that Instagram made body issues worse for one in three teen girls, and that Facebook knowingly amped up outrage on its main site through an algorithm change in 2018, potentially leading to the January 6 storming of the US Capitol building. Her suggestion is greater transparency, with external observers and more investment toward internal guidance, looking to minimise harm as a highest priority. 

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    • Don't take me wrong, I think FB sucks.  But... I say... "Increased regulation and transparency, improve rather than dismantle"  Come down on them hard and let that be an example to the rest of them.

    • The reason why FB will be hard to stop is that many other social networks have let them steal their ideas with almost no effort. In order for a Social Network to compete with Facebook it would need a new innovative idea concept and then fiercely defend it from being stolen. I believe UNA has the potential to do this. They did it with Dolphin wich had an army of developers in the Marketplace and had new ideas that Facebook didn't have. Had Dolphin been faster with updating the site to fit mobile and apps we might have had a few UNA site contenders. My old website had over 35,000 members with ZERO advertising from all over the world. People flock to sites that have something NEW...but once Facebook steals the idea...well people go right back to Facebook. So we need a site that has everything Facebook has but pushes for new innovation ideas and stays ahead of what people are interested in. Dolphin was once light years ahead of Facebook but now UNA is far behind most sites with stuff like Livestreaming etc. With this new UNA team I do believe we can quickly catch up...the team needs to be open to new ideas and what's popular even if it's something they themselves aren't interested in. Maybe assign a couple members to be part of a research team that looks for new ideas and concepts. 

      • Yes Facebook has the financial backing for sure, and this is why they can buy up competitors such a Instagram and others. It is a difficult task to remain in the Facebook shadows due to this. This is why it is important for module developers to remain aggressive to having a Eagle Eye on what's new on Facebook. Facebook NEVER had Forums, It never had a features to say; buy drinks, flowers, Tags or gifts either. This is a important factor, nor has it ever had any kind of points or credits system. There is still so many things to add to the UNA arsenals that our social platforms needs to keep and entice new members. I to had a social site on a Dolphin platform (60,000 members), which I am bringing back because of the availability of modules that I can implement. Until UNA has these modules available it is difficult to compete in the Facebook market. I will continue with UNA as well, in hopes that things livin up for the social endeavors. I am finding it difficult to base my site on freedom of speech only. People want activities and content, or your right. They will gravitate to where these things are.

      • i think UNA would prosper more if the team started a hackathon for new features with a few prizes for 1st 2nd and 3rd to incentivize feature creation from any market developer but its just an idea.

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        Added a discussion to , Mark Purser

        Hello. I have been trying to reach you, to discuss about a project for one of my clients that could use UNA, but needs some modifications. I explained it to another Una dev and pointed me to you so I could ask about something similar that the UNA team had already developed for a client. Hope you can elp. Thank you.

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        Reposted AQB Soft's product.

        This system comprises a set of the most powerful and useful Affiliate and Referrals tools. It is intended to assist site vendors to attract unlimited number of real paying members. You can use system both standard linear referral and advanced affiliate matrix system. In matrix mode it is possible to create for members any number of own matrices with defined number of users levels in it. Registered members can invite new users using personal referral links, banners code, direct email messages, social sharing. Affiliate System is integrated with UNA payment system, thus allows to pay earned commission to members through the site. If you have our Point System it is possible to use points and money as commission and it is also possible to use only points without real money payouts.  

        Main administration abilities:

        1. Create Affiliate programs depends on existed membership levels. Affiliate Program allows to enable/disable matrix and linier referral algorithm.

        There are four activity types for sponsors to earn commission from referred members:

        • New profile join
        • Referred profile's membership upgrade
        • Purchases in Market module
        • Any other purchases through the site cart

        Commissions values can have both static values and percentage of the spent price on the site (membership price, good's price in store and etc... ). In matrix mode, it is possible to set commission for each matrix level independently. 

             2. Manage profiles information. Admin has comprehensive interface to control earned commissions, invited members, affiliate statistic and etc.

        3. Create Banners for members to embed. Each member can get own unique banners' js code to insert to any page of any site. This special code allows to track three banners' activity and for each of them admin can set commission.

        Banners activity:

        • joined member 
        • banner's impression
        • banner's click

        It is possible to set commission in defult currency or in points (if you have Point System).

        4. Manage commissions requests. Admin has area to process members' commissions payout requests. It is possible to pay to the members through the site in case if member defined payment settings in account details or to process commission manually.

        We have added description for each field in studio and hope it will help to understand how to use each option. 

        Main users abilities:

        Members have four Affiliate System pages with functions:

        1. Dashboard page contains the most important info for members. Information about current active program, earned commission, direct referral link and ability to send email invitations or share referral link in Twitter or Facebook and etc...
        2. Referrals page contains info about all invited profiles and search function. In matrix mode it is possible to view matrix tree.
        3. Statistic page allows to view the all details about referred members' activity and their earned commission with search function.
        4. Banners' page allows to view details about used banners, earned commission and to get personal banners' code.

        We have tried to make users interface simple, functional and clear for members.

        Difference between linear referral and matrix algorithms.

        How linear referral algorithm works:

        For example:  You as admin can set as commission $1 for each referred member . If any registered member invites 10 new members, then earned commission for join is 10 x $1 = $10. In case if you have Points System, you can set points instead of money or to use both. So, now sponsor profile can get commission for each paid action (membership upgrades, purchases on the site) performed by any of these 10 invited members, depends on admin settings.

        Forced Matrix Income:

        For example: You (as admin) can create matrix 3x8 members. When member A refers 3 new members, then Level 1 in matrix 3x8 will be complete. When one of these 3 members refers another 3 members, Level 2 with 9 members of matrix will be also complete and so on till Level 8. Of course, members from each level can continue to refer members and they will be added to appropriate level. Any future referred member will be automatically placed under of existed referred members, forcing the matrix to fill up to 8 levels deep. Up-line Members from matrix can get the commission for every paid action or new member in matrix from down-line members. Member from Level 1 gets commission for members from Level 2 – Level 8, members from Level 2 for members from Level 3 – Level 8 and so on.

        There is flexible system of settings for admin which allows to set price or percentage for referrals activity on each level. There is the example for matrix 3x8 below:
































        $2 187,00




        $6 561,00



        $9 840,00

        So, each member can get $9,840.00 by filling own matrix and how fast the members get $9,840.00 depends on how well they advertise their referral link or affiliate banner. It is possible for members to start to fill new matrix when they fill default one.

        There are many different ways how to reward members with commission. For example you can reward members only with percentage of the spent price by their referred members on the site. Our Points System allows to reward members only with points for referred members' activity. 

        What is matrix option - Spillover:

        Using any referral link or banner new members can join and they will be automatically placed into the sponsor matrix. Following above example, if we have matrix 3X8, each member can have only 3 people directly invited in own matrix in down-line level, but what to do if this member invites more then 3 profiles? If you are sponsor of more than 3 members, your new members will be placed under your other recruits to help them get started. This is called spillover. So, not only you can refer new profiles, your up-line and down-line members can help you to fill your personal matrix. Members can communicate with their invited members and teach them how to invite new members.

        #Refer #Tools

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        Added a post

        Here is a news story with an UNA website being mentioned on CNN this morning. It's not the best news for the owners of the website, lots of Australian expats stranded overseas because the Australian government won't let them come home - but it is great to see UNA being used to facilitate giving these people a voice in this difficult time.

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